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One of my favorite Christmas presents was my mom's old manual typewriter and a "how to type" book - in third grade. I've been writing and typing ever since.

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10 Worst Training Practices: Ensuring Nobody Learns Anything

Training is a cornerstone of corporate success, but why aim for success when you can aim for spectacular failure? Here are some of the absolute worst corporate practices — the ones that guarantee your employees will leave more confused than when they arrived.
Nothing screams “learning opportunity” like a 200-slide PowerPoint presentation read word-for-word. Pack each slide with tiny text and unrelated clip art. The presenter should speak in a monotonous voice that could lull a caffeinated squirr...

From Newbie to Pro: Top Knowledge Management Practices

Joining a knowledge management team can be both exciting and challenging. Knowledge management (KM) is crucial for leveraging organizational knowledge to enhance performance, innovation, and competitive advantage. As a new member of a KM team, understanding best practices and tips can help you contribute effectively and integrate seamlessly into your role. Here are some key guidelines to help you get started.Before diving into your tasks, you must have a solid grasp of what KM entails. Familiari...

Instructional Design and ADDIE: An Overview

The ADDIE model is one of the first things that comes up when you search the words “instructional design models.” But what is it and where did it come from?ADDIE stands for Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate Each word refers to a phase of instructional design (the process of creating instructional materials to change behaviors, improve performance, and increase knowledge). The method was invented in 1975 at Florida State University as a better way to train the US military. Today,...

The Technical Writing Legacy of the Founding Fathers

The American Revolution was not only a war of weapons, but also a battle of ideas and communication. Among the founding fathers, several stood out for their ability to articulate complex ideas clearly and persuasively, functioning in many ways as technical writers. They played a crucial role in shaping the ideological foundation of the United States and mobilizing public support for independence. Let’s explore the contributions of founding fathers who can be considered technical writers, examini...

Your Brain’s Best Friend: The Benefits of Personal Knowledge Management

The wealth of knowledge we can quickly – almost immediately – access today is astounding. I don’t know about you, but I’m a Gen Xer who grew up without cable TV and had to cross the vast shag carpeting to turn the knob if I wanted to watch something else on the one TV in the house. We had a set of encyclopedias that was probably outdated the second it was printed. Today, all we need to do is use a phone that fits in our back pocket to find information.However, that abundance of information comes...

Six-Month Milestone: How to Evaluate and Realign Your Goals

Reaching the six-month mark in annual professional goals is a significant milestone, and it’s an opportune time to evaluate progress, reassess strategies, and make necessary adjustments. Incorporating quarterly goals can enhance focus and productivity, ensuring everyone stays on track. Let’s look at why six-month check-ins are important, the benefits of integrating quarterly goals, and effective strategies for managing goals where someone might be falling behind.A mid-year review of professional...

"How AI Got Us Into Swordsmithing" and Other Tales of AI Mishaps

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of today’s biggest topics, the darling of tech conferences, and the star player in many a business strategy. But for every shining success, there’s a cautionary tale of AI gone hilariously wrong. Buckle up as we dive into some fun examples of how not to use AI in business.

The Chatbot That Cares (Too Much)

Meet Botty McBotface, the customer service chatbot set to revolutionize your business’s customer interactions. Programmed to be empathetic and engaging, B

From Learning to Leading: Building a Culture that Drives Success

In today’s fast-paced world, the key to long-term success lies not just in maintaining the status quo, but in fostering a culture of continuous learning. When businesses prioritize learning and development, they unlock numerous benefits that extend to both employees and the organization. However, there is a disconnect between what businesses claim is important and the actions they take: while 90 percent of organizations are concerned about employee retention and believe providing learning opport

The Phillips ROI Model: An Analysis

A constant challenge of Leadership and Development (L&D) teams is proving the effectiveness and overall worth of their training programs. Company leaders require hard numbers to justify investment in time-consuming and costly training. While one of the go-to training evaluation models is the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model, its fourth level (Business Impact) can be difficult to achieve. This is where Dr. Jack Phillips comes in with his Phillips ROI Model, presented in his 1980 book Return on Invest

Unlocking Potential: The Power of Personalized Training

Today’s businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance employee skills, boost productivity, and stay ahead of the competition. Combined with generative artificial intelligence (AI) personalized eLearning is a game-changer, offering tailored learning experiences that cater to the unique needs, preferences, and goals of employees. But what exactly is personalized eLearning? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Let’s explore these questions to gain an understanding of personalized training

Engagement Matters: Turning the Tide on Workforce Discontent

Employees who are fully engaged in their work produce better business outcomes than other workers. This is true across industries, company sizes, and nationality, in good or bad economic times. Without employee engagement there is not team engagement, making improvements to business outcomes difficult. However, employees in the US are not as engaged as we’d like. New research from Gallup, State of the Global Workplace: 2024 Report, shows that only 23 percent of US workers are engaged, 62 percent

Heroes in the Shadows: Technical Writers of WWII

World War II, one of the most devastating conflicts in human history, was marked by unprecedented technological and scientific advancements. Historical accounts usually focus on the scariest and most violent breakthroughs, such as the first use of rockets in V1 and V2 weapons or the atom bomb. However, there are others that have helped shape the modern world for the better. The art of technical writing exploded with the onslaught of innovative technology that a large number of people need to lea

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