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One of my favorite Christmas presents was my mom's old manual typewriter and a "how to type" book - in third grade. I've been writing and typing ever since.

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5 Scary Mistakes Technical Writers Make and How to Vanquish Them

As the eerie winds of October blow and the veil between the realms of the living and the supernatural grows thin, it’s not just ghosts and ghouls that send shivers down our spines. For technical writers, a different kind of terror lurks in the shadows—the bone-chilling mistakes that can haunt both their work and their readers’ nightmares.

Join me on a journey through the dimly lit corridors of technical documentation, where I reveal the five scariest mistakes technical writers make. From ominou

AI Tools Save Time — But Have Shortcomings

In the last year or so, artificial intelligence (AI) content generation tools have been all over the news, from articles about the dangers of AI content farms to Hollywood screenwriters who worry AI will take their jobs. Who can forget the infamous AI-generated legal brief that included non-existent legal cases? However, that doesn’t change the fact that content creators are under pressure to create high-quality content at a fast rate, and ranking high on Google is a huge challenge that is even

Why Outsource Instructional Design?

It’s 2023, and most of your workforce now works remotely, though some employees work hybrid schedules. Before 2020, your training was 100 percent in-person. After COVID-19 restrictions hit everyone that year, you temporarily halted training. At that time, you were sure the lockdowns weren’t going to last long, and you could then continue in-person training. However, reality later sunk in, and you realized your workforce is in several different locations and you had to find a new way to train the

Is Your eLearning Accessible to Everyone?

Did you know?
• An estimated 1.3 billion people in the world experience significant disabilities. That’s 16 percent of the world’s population, or about one in six people. (This nearly equals the entire population of India.)
• One in four Americans has some sort of disability (or 25 percent, nearly 83 million people, or more than twice the population of California).
• Deafness or serious hearing difficulties are present in 5.7 percent of Americans (about 19 million, or 1 in 17 people – or close t

Covid-19 Restrictions Allowed L&D Leaders to Implement Significant Changes to Training Programs

The work world experienced a huge and sudden shift in March 2020, when offices and businesses shut down to slow the spread of Covid-19. Almost overnight, individuals went from working with their colleagues in offices to working at home. One of the biggest changes involved training. Learning and Development (L&D) teams everywhere scrambled to determine how to train people in separate locations. Some postponed training indefinitely, while others quickly switched from in-person training to eLearns

Why Outsource Technical Writing?

It’s nearly time to roll out your newest product, but you still need to create user guides. You don’t have technical writers on staff, but that one marketing writer is great. Surely they can easily switch gears to technical writing. All writing is the same, right? You need the documentation ASAP, so you give them an incredibly tight deadline. You still need at least bare bones marketing to maintain a presence, so they need to do both jobs. Your writer is known for rising to the challenge while m

Using UDLAB's Achiever II Planner for Wellness: 9 Ways to Map Your Way

Today is World Health Day! It's a good time to think about your wellness goals. "Wellness” covers a lot of ground, but here I’m referring to physical and mental health. Chances are you have a vague idea of these goals and fit in a little exercise here and there when you have time, or have played around with meditation and journaling but never stuck to it for more than a few days. This is where planning comes in. You should plan steps to reach your achievable goals like you would at work, for you

Decreasing Negativity in Your Life

Does it seem like more people than ever in the United States are dealing with anxiety and depression? You're not imagining it. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), in 2020:1
• 1 in 5 U.S. adults experienced mental illness each year
• 1 in 20 U.S. adults experienced serious mental illness each year
• 1 in 6 U.S. youth aged 6-17 experienced a mental health disorder each year
• 50 percent of all lifetime mental illness begins by age 14, and 75 percent by age 24

Now that we

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