Hi. I'm Mindy.

I've always been a writer of sorts. One of my favorite Christmas presents was my mom's old manual typewriter and a "how to type" book that I really used to learn to type -- in third grade. Either with ink and paper or on a computer screen, I've spent most of my adult life writing for work and for play.

I particularly enjoy writing for nonprofits and about people who have been overlooked or otherwise discounted by society, people who can do amazing things if given a chance -- sometimes a second chance. 

However, I simply like writing. My B.A. is in History (back before Google and Wikipedia) so I know how to properly research topics. I enjoy interviewing people, learning about new topics, and sharing information with others. 

I also like to laugh and enjoy sometimes writing articles or poetry for myself, where I can infuse my (sometimes odd) sense of humor.

“You can make anything by writing.”

C. S. Lewis